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I am planning to start learning NoSQL. I have started with the book "Professional NoSQL". In the book there are examples using CouchDB,Cassandra,MongoDB etc. My doubt is should i install all the different flavors to learn the NoSQL fully? for a person starting to learn NoSQL which NoSQL DB is preferred to start with?

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This question has effectively already been answered on StackOverflow. Below are some links to previous dicsussions with links to other blogs and Wikipedia -

NoSQL Databases

NoSql and Data-Warehouse

The nosql wikipedia page has loads of information and is a great place to start - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NoSQL.

All the nosql vendors have tutorials on their websites - just google the "mongodb tutorial" or "couchdb tutorial" etc.

Only you can decide which no sql db suits you - it depends on your application and data and I guess your own comfort with the solution from a technical perspective.

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I think redis is popular and easy enough to get start with.

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