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How can I use Messaging from MVVM Light in am WPF app for showing a ChildWindow and returning some values from it ? what I need is to present to user a modal dialog with 2 datepickers and the message to return somehow theese 2 values for using as parameters to other views. Is it possible ?

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Usually I just use a Popup for something like this.

The Popup usually has its Visibility bound to something like an IsPopupVisible property in the ViewModel, and the Popup DataContext is usually also part of the ViewModel

I'm not a huge fan of WPF's default Popup control, so I have my own custom Popup control here if you're interested.

It's typically used like this:

<local:PopupPanel Content="{Binding PopupContent}"
    local:PopupPanel.PopupParent="{Binding ElementName=ParentPanel}"
    local:PopupPanel.IsPopupVisible="{Binding IsPopupVisible}" />

and I show it from the ViewModel like this:

PopupContent = new SelectDatesViewModel();
IsPopupVisible = true;

Once the SelectDatesViewModel.SaveCommand gets triggered, you can fire off a message containing the selected dates to whatever ViewModels are interested:

Messenger.Default.Send(new DatesChangedMessage(this.Date1, this.Date2))

The actual popup content can either be defined in the XAML, or with an implicit DataTemplate

<DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type local:SelectDatesViewModel}">
    <local:SelectDatesView />
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