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I am confused with snprintf function. First of all I have not found the function snprintf in a turbo C version compiler under stdio.h Secondly in a GNU compiler snprintf is returning -1 when buffer size is smaller than formatted string ,though it should return the number of characters would have been printed if buffer size was sufficiently large. I have following source :

int main()
  char str[100];
  int numchar = snprintf(str,2,"ello jdj");
  return 0;

This code should output 8 according to as I know about snprintf so far. but it is returning -1 in my GNU compiler. What are the facts behind?

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It sounds like you are using an old version of glibc. From the man page for snprintf:

The glibc implementation of the functions snprintf() and vsnprintf() conforms to the C99 standard, that is, behaves as described above, since glibc version 2.1. Until glibc 2.0.6 they would return -1 when the output was truncated.

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