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I have the following json object in python:

jsonobj = {
          "a": {
              "b": {
                      "c": var1,
                      "d": var2,
                      "e": [],


And I would like to append key-value elements into "e", but can't figure out the syntax for it. I tried appending with the following, but it doesn't come out right with the brackets and quotes:

jsobj["a"]["b"]["e"].append("'f':" + var3)

Instead, I want "e" to be the following:

       {"f":var3, "g":var4, "h":var5},
       {"f":var6, "g":var7, "h":var8},

Does anyone know the right way to append to this json array? Much appreciation.

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Technically speaking, this is not a JSON object (even though it's formatted in the JSON style), it's a python dict. It's not "coming out right with brackets and quotes" because you are append()ing a string to the dictionary value []. – Joel Cornett Jun 5 '12 at 10:04
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jsobj["a"]["b"]["e"].append({"f":var3, "g":var4, "h":var5})
jsobj["a"]["b"]["e"].append({"f":var6, "g":var7, "h":var8})
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Just add the dictionnary as a dictionnary object not a string :


Full source :

var1 = 11
var2 = 32
jsonobj = {"a":{"b":{"c": var1,
                     "d": var2,
                     "e": [],
var3 = 444

jsonobj will contain :

{'a': {'b': {'c': 11, 'd': 32, 'e': [{'f': 444}]}}}
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jsonobj["a"]["b"]["e"] += [{'f': var3, 'g' : var4, 'h': var5}, 
                           {'f': var6, 'g' : var7, 'h': var8}]
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There is extend method for that. – DrTyrsa Jun 5 '12 at 10:21

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