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I'm a newbie in python who is starting to learn it.

I wanted to make a script that count the same letter pattern in a text file. Problem is my text file has multiple lines. I couldn't find some of my patterns as they went over to the next line.

My file and the pattern are a DNA sequence.



I'm looking for 'gatc'. The second one was counted, but the first wasn't.

So, how can I make this file to a one line text file?

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You can join the lines when you read the pattern from the file:

    fd = open('dna.txt', 'r')
    dnatext = ''.join(fd.readlines())
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dnatext = text.replace('\n', '')    // join text lines
gatc_count = dnatext.count('gatc')  // count 'gatc' occurrences 
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This should do the trick :

dnatext = "".join(dnatext.split("\n"))
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