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I'm trying to run a clustering job on Amazon EMR using Mahout. I have a solr index that I uploaded on S3 and I want to vectorize it using mahouts lucene.vector.(this is the first step in the job flow)

The parameters for the step are:

  • Jar: s3n://mahout-bucket/jars/mahout-core-0.6-job.jar
  • MainClass: org.apache.mahout.driver.MahoutDriver
  • Args: lucene.vector --dir s3n://mahout-input/solr_index/ --field name --dictOut /test/solr-dict-out/dict.txt --output /test/solr-vectors-out/vectors

The error in the log is:

Unknown program 'lucene.vector' chosen.

I've done the same process locally with hadoop and Mahout and it worked fine. How should I call the lucene.vector function on EMR?

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program name, lucene.vector should be immediately after bin/mahout

/homes/cuneyt/trunk/bin/mahout lucene.vector --dir /homes/cuneyt/lucene/index --field 0 --output lda/vector --dictOut /homes/cuneyt/lda/dict.txt

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Since I'm running this on Amazons Elastic MapReduce as a custom jar jobflow, I can only use the jar files from mahout. I've figured out the problem and posted an answer –  adivasile Jul 18 '12 at 14:12
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I've eventually figured out the answer. The problem was I was using the wrong MainClass argument. Instead of


I should have used:


Therefore the correct arguments should have been

  • Jar: s3n://mahout-bucket/jars/mahout-core-0.6-job.jar MainClass:
  • org.apache.mahout.utils.vectors.lucene.Driver
  • Args: --dir s3n://mahout-input/solr_index/ --field name --dictOut /test/solr-dict-out/dict.txt --output /test/solr-vectors-out/vectors
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