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i am saving a file using move_uploaded_file($file['tmp_name'], $save_path . $FileName); but when the file name i choose is in arabic , the file is saved in strange characters like that : ÒíäÈ.pdf.

so when i try to open the uploaded file later, it says file not found .(the real one) what should i do ??

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It will be better to rename the image name using time stamp

$imgname = time().'.'.'jpg';
$fullpath= $path.$imgname;
$filename = $imgname;

and also store the $imgname in the database so we can fetch the image by this name..It will also avoid the name conflict between images as the timestamps keep changing.

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ok thanks, so there is no other solution than renaming the file ?? –  user1395625 Jun 5 '12 at 10:30
This is the best way as per i know... –  Pramod Jun 5 '12 at 10:32
I'd rather save the filename to a database with a unique, sequence number, and name the image by that number. Your solution has potential for concurrency issues. –  kba Jun 5 '12 at 23:02

you can use transliteration on any string you want to convert to latin-similar characters. My very-custom transliteration code looks like that:

// convert a utf8-encoded string into latin representative 
function transliterate_string($params=array())
   // PARAMS:  "string", "language"

   // 0) fill-in "native" chars by language and their "latin" representative
   $SP_trans = array(
      ...other langs if you want

   // 1) break "native" & "latin" strings
   $nc = explode(",",$SP_trans[ $params["language"] ]["native"]);
  $lc = explode(",",$SP_trans[ $params["language"] ]["latin"]);
  // 2) convert to lower first
  $string = mb_strtolower($params["string"],"utf-8");
  // 3) loop each character   
  for($x=0,$sz=mb_strlen($string);$x<$sz;$x++) {
     $char = mb_substr($string,$x,1);
     $index = array_search($char,$nc);  
     $out[$x] = ($index===FALSE ? $char : $lc[$index]);
  return trim(implode("",$out));

the function just scans a string and convert each character of specific character set into latin in a custom way. Then you can safely save the file as latin.

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