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Actually i have table.I want to update the 5th row with 10th row value in the same table. for example :

SlNo   Name Quali   Exp
1        x   B.E     2
2        y   BSC     3
3        Z   B.A     1.5
4        A   MSC     2
5        B   MBA     5

here i want to update second row with the value of 5th row.

here is my query:

    UPDATE table 
      SET Name=(select Name from table where slNo='5'),
               Quali=(select Quali from  table where slNo='5'),
               Exp=(select Exp from table where slNo='5') 
      where slNo='3';

this is working fine ... but if column is more than 20 it is very difficult to write query because for every column i need to write sub-query... is there any other way to write query to update the whole row with other row in the same table ?

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I you provide the reason why you want to update the row 2 with row 5 it would help solve your problem. –  Naveen Kumar Jun 5 '12 at 11:31

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Use a self-join with the multiple table UPDATE syntax:

UPDATE `table` AS t1 JOIN `table` AS t2 ON t2.slNo = 5
SET    t1.Name = t2.Name, t1.Quali = t2.Quali, t1.Exp = t2.Exp
WHERE  t1.slNo = 3
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ok this is fine... but if the table column is morethan 25... we need to write all 25 columns know ? –  Dhinesh.B Jun 5 '12 at 10:36
@Dhinesh.B: You're looking for the update-all-columns-but-one syntax? I have a feeling what you really need is another column with a sort value to use for ordering, rather than updating a bunch of stuff. –  flesk Jun 5 '12 at 11:20

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