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Is there a fast way to see if a method is wired/bound from any xib file in my project ?

In other terms, I need to know if I can get rid of such method or it is used in Interface Builder.


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I do not think that XCode has a filter for bound IBActions. So I guess we're left with 2 possible solutions:

  1. Visually identify bound methods (here I did a search for IBAction. Bound actions are denoted with a filled circle, while unbound actions are empty circles). Although this method works, it's not very useful when you have a lot of connections going on. enter image description here

  2. Parse the xml produced by interface builder. If you take a look at the xib / storyboard files, you will see that there are <connections> tags with <action> children similar to this: <action selector="fingeroff:" destination="ars-ip-845" eventType="touchDragOutside" id="1Nx-xZ-K1I"/>, where selector is your method signature. I guess you could parse those xmls and make a list of the bound methods (also a nice idea for an app!)

If anyone though has a better way for dealing with this problem, please share!

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I think the solution to my question is the point 2. –  Patrick Jun 5 '12 at 12:56

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