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I'm using android java plugin to call my java function in unity like this:

static IntPtr cls_Activity;
static IntPtr fid_Activity;
static IntPtr obj_Activity;
static IntPtr kdataActivityClass;
static IntPtr startAdsMethod;

    void Start () {
        cls_Activity = AndroidJNI.FindClass("com/unity3d/player/UnityPlayer");
        fid_Activity = AndroidJNI.GetStaticFieldID(cls_Activity, "currentActivity", "Landroid/app/Activity;");
        obj_Activity = AndroidJNI.GetStaticObjectField(cls_Activity, fid_Activity);
        kdataActivityClass = AndroidJNI.FindClass("com/kdata/unitytest/UnityUrlPlugin");
        startAdsMethod = AndroidJNI.GetMethodID(PakdataActivityClass, "getURL","()V");
            if (AndroidJNI.IsInstanceOf(obj_Activity, kdataActivityClass) != false)
               jvalue[] myArray = new jvalue[1];
               AndroidJNI.CallStaticStringMethod(obj_Activity, startAdsMethod, myArray);

The problem is that I am getting access to the class but method from the class is returns null

Debug.Log("obj_Activity"+obj_Activity); =>retuns value Debug.Log("kdataActivityClass"+kdataActivityClass); =>returns =>value
Debug.Log("Method"+startAdsMethod); =>retunns null <=== here is the problem this method

Should return a hardcoded string but its not working in unity.

Help is highly appreciated. Thanks

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Check getURL method jni signature with javap (did you put the same to your third parameter ?) :

cd <pathToUnityUrlPluginClass>

javap -p -s <UnityUrlPlugin>
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this function takes no parameret and it returns a simple string even if I pass a " "=> null its still the same and i didnt get what u said above about javap can u plz elaborate i have never used this kind of thing before so its hard to understand--would be ** **grat if u elaborate plz thanks ** –  Shoaib Ahmed Khan Jun 5 '12 at 12:13
C:\>cd "C:\Documents and Settings\Shoaib Ahmed Khan\work asses\com\pakdata\unitytest\javap" -p -s UnityUrlPlugin it says sysytem cannot find the path specified and my calss file insside unitytest folder –  Shoaib Ahmed Khan Jun 5 '12 at 12:17
Thanks alot brother it was a signature issue :) –  Shoaib Ahmed Khan Jun 5 '12 at 20:49
( )Ljava/lang/String; this solved my problem –  Shoaib Ahmed Khan Jun 6 '12 at 4:41
sergey can u plz tell how can i take string value in my array value[] myArray = new jvalue[2]; myArray[0]. i = 2; myArray[1]. ? = "khan"; gui.text= AndroidJNI.CallStaticStringMethod(obj_Activity, startAdsMethod, myArray); –  Shoaib Ahmed Khan Jun 6 '12 at 11:06

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