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This is output of erlang shell:

1> atom.
2> next_atom.
3> atom@erlang.
4> 'atom in single quotes'.
'atom in single quotes'
5> atom = 'atom'.
6> a.tom.
7> a..tom.
* 1: syntax error before: '..'

When there is just one dot . within atom (line 6), I get no errors. However, when there is .., I get syntax error. Does .. have some special meaning in Erlang or why do I get error when . works fine?

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Dots are not allowed as such in atoms, but a dot between two atoms: 'foo'.'bar', is a compile time operator that concatenates the atoms to 'foo.bar'.

This is an extension which was made to support the (still not officially supported) Java-like package system. That's why it's not documented.

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Afaik the syntax with '.' was also introduced to allow atoms as hostnames, i.e. bofh@home.com –  Lukas Jun 5 '12 at 15:27

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