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folks! I have project in cc.net and this project nay start by 3 ways

  1. Forced (when user click button "force" in web
  2. By project trigger
  3. By sheduler trigger

After build server send mail to stackholders.

And now, i want to add trigger name to mail subject. e.g. force_Project name ...buikd result

I have tried use variables:

<projectTrigger project="Someproject">
<variable name="Trigger" value="commit" />          


<subject buildResult="Broken" value="{Trigger} is  broken" />
<subject buildResult="StillBroken" value="{Trigger} is still broken" />    

but this way doesnt have positive result.

What kind of way able help me?

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You can use the fileLabeller of ccnet.

     build tasks...

Setup your build task to write to the contents of mybuild-label.txt. I write something like this.

[repo1 rev: 99, repo2 rev: 9999]

This will become part of the subject.

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Thank you for answer. I am going to try it. –  alexey.chumagin Jul 2 '12 at 17:02

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