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I am using redis in one of my rails project where I tried to union the sets of redis like

$redis.smembers('set1') | $redis.smembers('set2') 

but it throws error like this

undefined method `|' for #<Redis::Future:0x000001306e5830>

What is Redis::Future? I am using redis and redis-store gems

Thank you

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Future objects are typically returned when methods are called in a pipeline or a transaction.

The returned value is only available when the EXEC command has been applied to the Redis server. With redis-rb, it means you should exit a pipelined or multi block before.

By the way, it will be more efficient to use $redis.sunion() to generate the result on server-side.

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From a Future, you can access the underlying object by using the value method. See class definition at github.com/redis/redis-rb/blob/master/lib/redis/pipeline.rb –  Didier Spezia Jun 5 '12 at 14:22

What Didier said, plus check that your code is not running inside a multi block, like this:

$redis.multi do
  $set1 = $redis.smembers("set1")

In that case, $set1 is a "future" pointing to the result you'll get as soon as the block exists.

You can access the real, underlying value by calling $set1.value.

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