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I am trying to add some php which show the time left for a prodcut on my site, a little bit like an auction. It all displays well however when the time gets lower it shows 0d 34h 12m which means 0 days, 34 hours and 12 minutes, i was wondering if there was a way to get rid of the 0d bit if there are no days left a bit like this 34h 12m, it just makes it look better, the same for when there is no hours left and just minutes.

Here is the code that calculates the time left

$date = date('m/d/Y h:i:s', time());
$date3 = new DateTime($date);
$date4 = new DateTime($time_ending);
$interval_date = $date3->diff($date4);
$time_left = $interval_date->d."d ". $interval_date->h."h ". $interval_date->i."m "; 

Is there anyway i can do this?

Thanks for any help

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Yes, the shortest way would be

$time_left = (($interval_date->d) ? $interval_date->d.'d ' : '')
           . (($interval_date->h) ? $interval_date->h.'h ' : '')
           . $interval_date->i.'m ';

Briefly explained (cond) ? (stmA) : (stmB)
equals if(cond){ stmA } else{ stmB }

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ok great this works, and the day does not appear, however all the items i am testing still have hours left, when it gets to say 40 minutes, will it also stop the hours from displaying aswell? Thanks for your help – Arken Jun 5 '12 at 12:59
Cool :) You could do the same for the hours too, see edited code above ;) – Havelock Jun 5 '12 at 13:02
ok great, i think that would work now, thanks for all your help – Arken Jun 5 '12 at 13:09

You can use a function for that, see:

function BetterLook($time, $sulfix)
    if ($time > 0)
        return "$time $sulfix";

    return "";


$time_left = BetterLook($interval_date->d, "d "). BetterLook($interval_date->h, "h "). BetterLook($interval_date->i, "m ");
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Just written down, not tested.

$d = $interval_date->d;
$h = $interval_date->h;
$m = $interval_date->i; 

$time_left = ($d ? $d."d " : "") . ($d or $h ? $h."h " : "") . $i."m ";

Longer, maybe easier to read version:

$time_left = "";

if($d) {
    $time_left .= $d . "d ";

if($d or $h) {
    $time_left .= $h . "h ";

$time_left .= $m . "m ";
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Have you tried a simple if statement to see if the $interval_date->d is less than 1? If so then just show the remaining time. You can do this each segment. This is not tested, just a suggestion.

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