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Is it possible to have multiple command line tool targets in a single project? I'm writing C++ with command line tool, and could build the first target but failed for the second one.

I'm using Xcode 4.1, Mac 10.7.4.

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You can have multiple targets and build each of them from xcode commandline tools. You can specify the target from command line tool like:

xcodebuild -sdk iphonesimulator6.0 -target "HelloWorld"

and you can repeat this for each target. I also came across to building workspaces direclty you can check that out too.

Apple's Document about it;

If you have multiple projects in the this directory you will need to use -project to indicate which project should be built. By default, xcodebuild builds the first target listed in the project, with the default build configuration. The order of the targets is a property of the project and is the same for all users of the project.


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