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I have a table - with id which is auto_increment and a email column which is defined to be UNIQUE.

Consider the auto_increment to be set to 1.

In my stored procedure when I INSERT a new row with a unique email id the auto_increment column is incremented. Correct behavior.

Now when I try to INSERT the same email again UNIQUE KEY is violated. I check this and do a ROLLBACK. However the auto_increment is set to 2 now. Why?

In the third attempt of INSERT, this time with a unique email the row is inserted however the id field has value 3. Not good.

Is there a way I can decrement the value back to 2.

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There is a way and you don't want to do it because you'll violate your data integrity. "Wasted" auto_increments are fine. Their purpose is not to give you pretty sequential numbers. Use triggers if you need that and create a procedure that'll use another column which'll provide that functionality. –  N.B. Jun 5 '12 at 13:30

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The most salient point being: You should never depend on the numeric features of autogenerated keys.

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