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How would I send a command to Node.js

I have a jquery / javascript page which detects on keypress W,A,S Or D and then triggers an event to change the canvas.

The next step in this is to then trigger a event on a Node.js server using (I think) Websockets.

Most tutorials I have found are the other way around with sending data to the client.

Does anyone have places with tutorials on how I would do this?

Thanks - Ryan

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Whatever you send is data. How you server interprets it is an other story. For example, on W key pressed, send W to socket. String containg W symbol is data being sent. When server gets that W, he knows that it means Command Move Forward and moves (or whatever command you want). So, switch(symblol) is your friend here. – elmigranto Jun 5 '12 at 13:40

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Use web sockets, tutorial is here

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You can do this with normal ajax calls to Node.js. If you want something more fancy checkout

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