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I need to pass multiple objects from my application to the rest service that is using servicestack. I need to do something like this

EventLogService : RestServiceBase<List<EventLogData>>

It is not giving any build error. But the name of operation is listed as "List`1" instead of the name given.
I have this line of code to declare AppHost()

public AppHost() : base("Rest WCF", typeof(EventLogService).Assembly) { }
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Your AppHost is used to register all your services, not just one of them. ServiceStack will scan through and register all services defined in the Assembly: typeof(EventLogService).Assembly. Likewise the "Rest WCF" name doesn't refer to a single web service, it's refers to all of them and is used on the autogenerated metadata pages.

You should have a Request DTO for each of your services, so if you want to pass in a List<EventLogData> you can do this with:

 public class EventLogs : List<EventLogData> {}


 public class EventLogs {
     public List<EventLogData> Items { get; set; }
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