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The DataTables search is not working in Chrome. My code works fine in Firefox.

I checked the Chrome console: Uncaught TypeError: Property 'getItem' of object #<Object> is not a function

This is my code:


<table class="table-announcement" id="announcement">
        <th class="header">Announcement</th>
        <th class="header">Date</th>
        <th class="header">Posted by</th>
<?php foreach ($announcement as $post): ?>
    <?php $msg = "'<h1>" . $post['title'] . "</h1><h2>by: " . $post['username'] . "</h2><br/>" . str_replace("\r\n", "", nl2br(htmlspecialchars($post['body']))) . "'";?>
         <td><a href="javascript:;" class="prompt" onclick="$.prompt(<?php echo $msg;?>)"><?php echo $post['title'];?></a></td>
         <td><?php echo $post['date'];?></td>
         <td><?php echo $post['username'];?></td>
<?php endforeach;?>

This is the jQuery:

$(document).ready( function () {
} );
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I get this error when using less.js client-side. – Adam Grant Aug 9 '12 at 13:45

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