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I am trying to set the selected value in a dropdownlist using jquery, I have this:

 $('.option_vehiculo', '#form_login').each(function() 
    if (this.id == tipo_vehiculo_def)
         this.value = "option";

.option_vehiculo is a class that I give to all my dropdownlists so I can find them quickly.

I iterate through all my form dropdownlists until I find the one I want to modify. Finding the select I want to change works fine, but I can't set the selected value, I tried this as I am doing with my input fields:

this.value = "option";

where option is an option inside my dropdownlist, but all I get from this is my dropdownlist with no selected value, it just appears with no text inside and with the possibility to select one of my available options.

How do I set the selected value of a jQuery dropdownlist?

Attempts: I tried with this, but I am getting no results and I am not sure if I can use it with 'this' variable as the object I want to modify:


tried this:

var test = $('#tipo_vehiculo_1000').val();

selecting my dropdownlist by id and trying to change my selected option and outputting it later and it keeps giving me the default value "0".

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Show your markup. I sense that you are doing a big mistake. –  Jashwant Jun 5 '12 at 14:36

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Instead of iterating through all of them you can simply use your id value in a jQuery selector


This assumes that you have an option tag in the select with value="option". Also assumes that since ID's must be unique in a page you haven't duplicated any ID's

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ok, finaly working thanks !!!!! –  Albert Prats Jun 5 '12 at 15:21

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