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I got a list of string. I want to do a search inside and return a new list. The search value is a string (sentence). Each word are split by a space.

So, I look at a way to search each string containing each word of the sentence.

sample :

list = {"abcdef", "abc", "ab", "cd ab"}

search "ab" => return list with "abcdef", "abc", "ab", "cd ab"
search "abc" => return list with "abcdef", "abc"
search "ab cd" => return list with "abcdef","cd ab"

its simple but I don't know how to do it with Linq in a single command. Something like

if l.contains(list) 

where contains check every element of the list.

That may be simple, I just ask how. Or maybe a link to another post that I have not seen.

Thank you

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The tricky one is your last case of "ab cd".

var list = new List<string> {"abcdef", "abc", "ab", "cd ab"};
var result = list.Where (w => "ab cd".Split().All (s => w.Contains(s)));

Click here to see the proof that it catches all cases you've outlined.

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seems good, working. not tested full proof but look like that. Tank you –  forX Jun 5 '12 at 15:31
if (list.Any(w => w.Contains(something))
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