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i am using blogger and in my blogger header i have my site title and description. I would like to add a background on it. I already picked out a background image but the size of it is very small (10px width and 10px height), how can i fil the entire background image of my blogger header?

i also want to add another column to my blogger header where i can add my logo. I also want that logo to turn into a link to my homepage.

thanks and have a great day.

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If you want to add background to your header with a small image you must use the css style background-repeat: repeat; and it will do the job for you.

With regards to your 2nd question, you should look for the for the maxwidgets in your header. change it to 2 (or more than 2) then you'll be able to add another gadget. You should also need to add the float:left; css attributes to the header so that it will be aligned.

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