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I am using Aspose.Email assembly to check a mail server for any received mails in the inbox. But the emailClient.ListMessages(emailClient.MailboxInfo.InboxUri) method in the code below returns the following error,


The remote server returned an error: (405) Method Not Allowed.


System.Net.NetworkCredential credential = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("username", "password", "domainname");

Aspose.Email.Exchange.ExchangeClient emailClient = new Aspose.Email.Exchange.ExchangeClient("MailserverUri", credential);

Aspose.Email.Exchange.ExchangeMessageInfoCollection messageInfoCollection = emailClient.ListMessages(emailClient.MailboxInfo.InboxUri);

stack trace:

 at Aspose.Email.Exchange.ExchangeClient.GetMailboxInfo(String mailbox)
 at Aspose.Email.Exchange.ExchangeClient.GetMailboxInfo()
 at Aspose.Email.Exchange.ExchangeClient.get_MailboxInfo()
 at ACS.PMO.MainForm.ProcessAction() in D:\Projects\MainForm.cs:line 54
 at ACS.PMO.ClientService.MCPClient.ExecuteProcess()


Aspose.Email.Exchange.ExchangeClient emailClient = new Aspose.Email.Exchange.ExchangeClient("MailserverUri", credential);

The MailserverUri i targeted was Exchange web service.

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Finally i got it corrected.....

ExchangeWebServiceClient should be used in case of Exchange webservice. Use this class instead of ExchangeClient.The server url is also different in case of EWS.The code i used to overcome the error is as follows,

 ExchangeWebServiceClient client = new ExchangeWebServiceClient("https://exchange-server-host/ews/Exchange.asmx", "username", "password", "domain");

For further details do check the link below,

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