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when i try to switch between the directions (x,y,z), i get an uncommon result. when i reactivate the layer(s) of a direction which has been set to visible = false before (1), it looks like this if i change the visiblity to true (2). this example relies on xtk lesson #10 [sorry for the low jpg-quality]

thanks in advance





EDIT: i try to show/activate only one direction and go through the layers by pressing +/-.

unfortunately "avf.nrrd" is missing at the moment.

i know how to do this with all 3 layers activated. it works perfectly and i can go through the slices and change the axis on keydown. but now i would like to do the same but this time i want to deactivate the 2 axis which are not selected

EDIT2: alright i got it all working. the only problem was to position the line modified() to the right line.


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I think you are missing a volume.modified() call to update the slicing. Could you prevent a JSFiddle - then I can take a look much easier. –  haehn Jun 6 '12 at 13:23
nice that you got it working. also the url to the datasets has changed x.babymri.org/?avf.nrrd –  haehn Jun 7 '12 at 15:32

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