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I am wondering how can I customize the shape, borders, shadings, colors, effects... etc of existing ExtJS widgets (including the complex ones such as grids)? I want to be able to reuse these and resize them without ruining the new skin (similar to Flex skinning)?

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I have not done it myself but there is a Theming guide to ExtJS. Hope its useful to you:!/guide/theming

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As @DmitryB pointed - ExtJs does support themes. I personally like Slate for its more modern look than standard "vanilla" theme.

But everything I saw so far on the Internet was basically about changing color palettes and nothing else.

I was looking for something more sophisticated to make for example all controls bigger and more Web2.0 kind of, but didn't find anything unfortunately.

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exactly, they are merely color changes... I wish there is shape changes... – geeko Jun 7 '12 at 4:21

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