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I've just upgraded from Rails 3.1.3 to 3.2.3 and noticed that browser doesn't show images anymore. So I looked to images path and it is /system/photos/images/4fce/1fb6/3ee5/1d01/a800/0006/original/IMG_2842new2.jpg?1338908598 for example. There is no :path declaration in model, so it should use default :rails_root/public/system/:attachment/:id/:style/:filename.

The key thing the images aren't shown is that :id parameter 4fce1fb63ee51d01a8000006 is stored in DB devided by slashes (/) into 4-symbol groups: 4fce/1fb6/3ee5/1d01/a800/0006, but the folder is named as it sould be, 4fce1fb63ee51d01a8000006. That's pretty strange.

I use

mongo (1.6.2) 
mongoid (2.4.10) 
paperclip (3.0.4) 
mongoid-paperclip (0.0.7) 
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It was my mistake, didn't notice that when I did updates Paperclip updated too and that version 3.0 requires :path and :url options to be passed explicitly:

:path => ":rails_root/public/system/:attachment/:id/:style/:filename",
:url => "/system/:attachment/:id/:style/:filename"
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