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I got a really weird problem with ZXing 2.0 on iPod touch (Version : 5.1.1). I searched on the Internet and Stackoverflow but i think i just ignore the origin of that issue so i couldn't find anything. I coded an app which successfully using ZXing running on iPhone Simulator 5.1 and when i try to run on any iPod device (i didn't test other device yet), it compiles and crash at running with no log in console (and i cant type anything on it).

This is the screen that appeared on XCode (i got the developer version 4.3.2) with a green arrow for the last line pasted and "signal SIGABRT" written.

libsystem_kernel.dylib __pthread_kill:
0x35e70324:  mov    r12, #328
0x35e70328:  svc    #128
0x35e7032c:  blo    0x35e70344; __pthread_kill + 32 (arrow for this line)

I think it's related to the libZXingWidget.a static library and I configured the build settings for armv6 armv7 and i386 in two different configurations but didn't work either.

I have no idea anymore, thanks for any suggestion !

EDIT : I forgot to mention that the next thing on the thread stack is GSRegisterPurpleNamedPort.

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Try rebooting the device. Coring in GSRegisterPurpleNamedPort is pretty common under certain conditions, for example switching between a debug version and an archived ipa. In that case, it's a Mach thing and seems to require a reboot. From what you've said, it doesn't sound like the issue, but it's worth ruling out.


  1. Have you run any app on your device, i.e., is everything properly provisioned?
  2. Can you get ScanTest to run on your device?
  3. Post the whole stacktrace.
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First, thanks for your time, my last app ran perfectly on this device. I tried to reboot before asking here but when i did it this morning it solved my problem and everything's ok, thanks again. –  Aresia Jun 6 '12 at 7:39

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