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I know the event name when we change something in a select is change (html: onchange), but I would like to know what is the event name when I select (click) a specific option.

Example :

    <option>Option 1</option>

When I click on Option 1, what event happen ? Only change (on the select itself and all option) or something else ?


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In most browsers change. –  mplungjan Jun 5 '12 at 16:23

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By default, in most browser happen change event when you change select and click event for option.

$('select').on('change', function(event) {
  console.log(event.type);   // event.type is to get event name
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'change' on the SELECT and 'click' on the OPTION. Also, in Opera, 'input' might fire on the SELECT too if you add the listener with addEventListener() for example.

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Though the chosen answer shows how to look it up yourself, which is VERY useful, this is, actually, the right answer. –  Design by Adrian Apr 7 at 13:09

event.type returns the nature of event. Refer the Demo

$('select').bind('change', function(event) {
    alert("Event :"+ event.type);   

You can use .on/.bind on the element.​

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You can put it in the onclick event of the option you are interested in like so:

<select id="MySelect">
    <option id="optionA" onclick="alert('You clicked A')">a</option>
    <option id="optionB">b</option>  
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