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I need to restart apache on a dozen servers. I can log into each one and do it or I can have one script on the first one do it for me. Can you help me out?

Server 1 has access to all the other servers through known hosts.

Manually I can run this:

ssh user@server2
service httpd restart


ssh user@server100
service httpd restart

How can I script this to run from server 1 to restart all my servers?

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for I in $(seq 2 100) ; 
   ssh user@server$I 'service httpd restart' ;
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Thanks. That one liner will come in very handy for more than this use case. –  Ryan Jun 5 '12 at 19:55
for server in user@server2 user@server3; do
    ssh $server service httpd restart

If you wanna generate hostnames take a look on seq utility.

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pdsh -R exec server[2-100] service httpd restart

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