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I'm a bit new to Rails/RSpec/Capybara, so this is probably a newbie question, but Google didn't help as much as I would have hoped. I was hoping that I could use

it { should have_link('link text', href: 'url', target: '_blank') }

to write a test for a link that should open in a new window, but that doesn't seem to work. I've also tried wrapping the options hash in curly-braces:

it { should have_link('link text', {href: 'url', target: '_blank'}) }

The test will always succeed regardless of the presence or value of the target attribute in the actual page and link being tested. Changing the href attribute does cause a test failure as expected. I thought the options hash for have_link was a list of attributes to test for. Apparently I'm wrong, but what's the best way to test a single link for it's target attribute? Hopefully it's not to use an XPath search...

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I am not sure why your code does not work. Have you tried this:

find_link('link_text')[:href].should == 'url'
find_link('link_text')[:target].should == '_blank'
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You could do:

it { should have_css "a[href~='/somewhere'][target~='_blank']" }
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