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I am trying to connect facebook using codeigniter. If i am connecting fist time,then I can see permission popup but after I authorise permission i am getting multiple redirect loop error.

If I am already logged in and authorised site then why it is not getting uid.

I have give site url in facebook:

and my redirect uri is

I have added these files in my library folder.


Last 3 files in facebook folder are facebook SDK files.

Here is code in my fb_connect.php


 class Fb_connect {

function connect(){

$facebook = new Facebook(array(
    'appId'  => 'XXXXXXX',
    'secret' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXX',
    'cookie' => true,

    //Get User ID

    'scope'         => 'email,publish_stream,user_birthday,user_location',
    'redirect_uri'  => 'http://localhost/beta/facebook/',
    'display'=> 'popup'


 } else {
$user_profile = $facebook->api('/me');



And Here is my controller code:

function  facebook(){


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There's a few things;

1.You said "and my redirect uri is" - but in your code:

'redirect_uri'  => 'http://localhost/beta/facebook/',

Should be:

'redirect_uri'  => '',

2.You said "I have give site url in facebook:" - you need to specifically set the return URL in your facebook api aswell - should be ""

3.You said your redirect is "" - have you set this as a route? Because normally it should be ""

4.You have a typo (if this is a copy + paste):


should be

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@Theshift.. First thanks for answer. About typo these are just mistakes as I modified a little bit code to make reader easier. So i changed redirect url, api and secret key, original code has no typo.So 1st and 4th point doesn't exits. I tried you 2nd point but same redirect.And answer of ur 4th point is yes i setup route. to – Emmul Jun 6 '12 at 0:30
Just confirming your trying this on a live site and not a 'localhost'? – The Shift Exchange Jun 6 '12 at 2:29

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