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So i figured out a way of doing this, but is there an easier way to do it? What i want to do is just to add .class after the %th tag if params[:sort] == sortBy, do i really need to have the rest of the HAML in the helper-method?

This is my helper method from my helper.rb file:

def yellow?(sortBy,name,id)
  haml_tag :th, class: "#{'hilite' if params[:sort]== sortBy}" do
    haml_concat link_to name, movies_path(sort: sortBy),{:id => id}

This is from my HAML file:

  - yellow?("title","Movie Title","title_header")
  %th Rating
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Have you tried this solution:

  %th{ :class => if params[:sort] == 'sortBy' then 'hilite' end }
    = link_to "Movie Title", movies_path(:sort => 'title'), :id => "title_header"
  %th Rating

You can move this statement: if params[:sort] == 'sortBy' then 'hilite' end to a helper. Take a look to my similar answer: haml two spaces issue.

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Thank you, that was a better solution! – Pål Jun 6 '12 at 17:46

You can also do it this way:


def hilite
  params[:sort] == 'sortBy' ? { class: 'hilite' } : {}


  %th{ hilite }
    = link_to "Movie Title", movies_path(:sort => 'title'), :id => "title_header"
  %th Rating

I used this approach to make a span_field_opts helper, to mimic a disabled field via Bootstrap classes:

def span_field_opts
  { class: "form-control cursor-none", disabled: true }

Reference: https://coderwall.com/p/_jiytg/conditional-html-tag-attribute-in-haml

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This is the same as i want. Thank! – Sergeij Belevskij Jun 8 at 11:33

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