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I am creating user views for my Backbone/rails application. I am attempting to add a new view:


class MosaikBackbone.Views.UsersEdit extends Backbone.View

  template: JST['users/edit']

  render: ->

The template is in /templates/users/

<h1>edit page</h1>

My router looks like this in /routers/

class MosaikBackbone.Routers.Users extends Backbone.Router
        '': 'index'
        'users/:id': 'show'
        'users/edit/:id': 'update'

    initialize: ->
        @collection = new MosaikBackbone.Collections.Users()

    index: ->
        view = new MosaikBackbone.Views.UsersIndex(collection: @collection)

    show: (id) ->
        alert "Entry #{id}"

    update: (id) ->
        editView = new MosaikBackbone.Views.UsersEdit()

The index views/templates work fine, and the view is being inserted into the container div. If I change the tagName for the UsersEdit view to 'li' I can see the li element in the DOM, it's just not being populated with the template. I'm guess it's a syntax issue but there are no errors in the console.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, the view is being appended to #container because i can see the empty element item, there is just an issue with rendering the template.

I refer to template: JST['users/index'] in my UsersIndex view and everything works fine. For some reason template: JST['users/edit'] isn't working even though both templates are in the same folder. Also, I can place invalid syntax in the edit template and no errors are thrown so it's not even being detected I dont' think

UPDATE 2: The following View/templates works without issue:

class MosaikBackbone.Views.UsersIndex extends Backbone.View

  template: JST['users/index']

  initialize: ->
    @collection.on('reset', @render, this)
    @collection.on('add', @appendUser, this)

  render: ->

  appendUser: (user) ->
    view = new MosaikBackbone.Views.User(model: user)


h1>title here</h1>
<ul id="users"></ul>
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It seems it should work. Have you tried to create UserEdit view and append to DOM manually? In the debug console, I mean. – theotheo Jun 5 '12 at 19:45
the view is appending to the DOM - it's just an empty div. For some reason the template just isn't being added. It looks like the problem is with template: JST['users/edit'] as I can use invalid syntax in the template and no errors are thrown – kcurtin Jun 5 '12 at 20:43
So what does JST['users/edit'] look like? And notable differences are there between the edit and index templates? – mu is too short Jun 5 '12 at 21:06
JST['users/edit'] is included above, the JST['users/index'] template is in the same folder: templates/users/ and works without problems. Updating my question to include the working index View and Template – kcurtin Jun 5 '12 at 21:12
I think we need to see this in action, you can start here if you want: – mu is too short Jun 6 '12 at 16:13

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