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I wonder if someone has build a solution already where Jekyll's static site generator is used in combination with a WYSIWYG type of interface. So it would read in the static YAML formated sites and after editing it would just save static files again and trigger the Jekyll compiler. Jekyll is very powerful, but it's a technical tool in a way as you have to handle files, servers and format them in YAML, which is not very friendly for non-technical user.

Does something like this exist already?

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There is also Prose.io. This little editor isn't wyswyg but it has a pretty friendly preview mode. I've found it quite useful. Plus it integrates with github nicely.

Read this article for another review. Prose as a CMS

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There is http://www.spintoapp.com/ which is supposed to be (become?) a platform where this is possible. Some of their code is open sourced but I’m not sure they also publish their bindings for the WYSIWYG (mercury) editor.

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