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I want to create an Android app that will communicate trough WiFi with a PC, sending text messages back and forth and most importantly sending a live video stream from the phone's camera to the PC. I managed to establish the WiFi connection and was able to send strings back and forth trough a socket connection using dataInputStream.read() and dataOutputStream.write().

My problem is how to create the video live-stream. I don't know how to approach this part: how and in what form should I capture information from the camera, how should I send it trough WiFi and how should I reassemble the image and view it on the PC.

Any tips, guides, snippets or examples would be appreciated. Ty.

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Check out Spydroid. That sends a live video stream from the android's camera to be displayed in a browser (or VLC media player) on a PC using wifi.

Found it in this answer.

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