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I am working with ssrs reports. I have a summary and a detailed report. The detailed report is linked to the summary report. Now the user wants to have a "Return to Summary Report" link in the detailed report.

My main problem is I have multiselect parameters in the Summary report. I know the solution if I have single select parameters. In that case I can create a textbox with text decorated as link button and in the Action property of the textbox I choose Jump to report and provide paramaters which I get from the previous report. This method works for single select parameters in the summary but I dont know how to handle the multi select.

Also we do not have the small button that ssrs provides to go back to reports. So thats not an option I can use.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

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In the Action property Ihad to select the "Jump to URL" option and put this in the textbox for Jump to URL:

="javascript: history.go(-1)"
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This is excellent, wasn't aware of this one. –  ElvisLikeBear Jun 6 '12 at 1:58

Here is whre you have to place javascript:history.back(1)

  • right click on the report

  • click insert -> textbox

  • once the text box is created

  • right click and choose "Text box properties"

  • click "Action" property

  • choose Go to URL option button

copy and past javascript:history.back(1)

(Note: it is case sensitive, you don't need to put quotation mark")

then click ok and this should be working in IE

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