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I came across a code section where the method declaration is as shown below;

   public MethodName(
        ISessionAwareRepo<MCC_Message> param1,
        ISessionAwareRepo<MCC_User> param2,
        ISessionAwareRepo<MCC_Directory> param3,
        ISessionAwareRepo<MCC_MessageInDirectory> param4,
        ISessionAwareRepo<MCC_Conversation> param5,
        ISessionAwareRepo<MCC_MessageRecipient> param6)
        : this(null, param1, param2, param3,
        param4, param5, param6)

I do not understand what does :this stand for in the method declaration. Can anyone please help?

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In a constructor declaration, : this() calls another constructor of the same class that matches the given method signature, before the body of the current constructor is executed.

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This is called constructor chaining.

There is an overload of the constructor within the same class - the parameters are being passed in to the overload (so it gets executed before the body of the declaring constructor).

See Using Constructors on MSDN for more details.

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