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Is there anything like -o-ellipsis-lastline for Google Chrome?

I'm building a Chrome extension and would like to ellipsize multiline text using CSS.

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Do you have any sort of requirement for what browsers you need this to be compatible with? Are you willing to implement a solution that uses Javascript? – Wex Jun 5 '12 at 19:06
I'm building a Chrome extension, so it only needs to be compatible with Chrome. I would rather not use Javascript. – mark Jun 5 '12 at 19:27

It is impossible to create ellipsis pure CSS due to W3 spec for text-overflow.

But If you are developing Chrome Extensions you have already using JavaScript, so here is some demos and plugins to solve your problem:

I'm using the last plugin on my own projects.

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At present there is no ellipsis for multiline text... But you can do ellipsis effect for multiline using simple conditions. Here is an example...

Say you have an html like this...

<div class="class_name"><%=message%></div>

And you render your text at run time... Your text will be rendered and placed in the div tag instead of the message template. So what you can do is...

<% if(message.length < 100) { %>
  <div class="class_name"><%=message%></div>
<% } else { %>
  <div class="class_name"><%=message.slice(0,80)%>...</div>
<% } %>

If your text is more than 100 characters it will show a ellipsis effect(at the end of 80 characters)

Note: the values 100 and 80 are optional. You can change as you concern...

Hope it helps :)...

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