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I want to test that a process is working so I run:

cmd = "my unix command"
results = `#{cmd}`

How can I add a timeout to the command so that if it takes more than x seconds I can assume that it is not working?

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Ruby ships witrh the Timeout module.

require 'timeout'
res = ""
status = Timeout::timeout(5) {res = `#{cmd}`} rescue Timeout::Error

# a bit of experimenting:

res = nil
status = Timeout::timeout(1) {res = `sleep 2`} rescue Timeout::Error 
p res    # nil
p status # Timeout::Error

res = nil
status = Timeout::timeout(3) {res = `sleep 2`} rescue Timeout::Error 
p res    # ""
p status # ""
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If you need to do something in the event of a timeout, make sure to rescue Timeout::Error. – Mark Thomas Jun 5 '12 at 19:22
Yes. I should have mentioned it. – steenslag Jun 5 '12 at 21:03

Put it in a thread, have another thread sleep for x seconds then kill the first one if it's not done yet.

process_thread = do
  `sleep 6` # the command you want to run

timeout_thread = do
  sleep 4   # the timeout
  if process_thread.alive?
    $stderr.puts "Timeout"


steenslag's is nicer though :) This is the low-tech route.

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