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Is there a way to enable MySQL general query logging through JDBC? The closest thing I have found through my search is the ability to log slow queries through JDBC ( Maybe I should do that and set the slow query threshold to 0 ms?

I would like to log all queries through MySQL in a human-readable format and would like to specify the location where the log file should be written. I know I will take a performance hit, but my application only has one user and is simple enough that I would be surprised if the performance hit was noticeable. I would like to try it out anyway to see.

I believe another option I have is to turn on binary logging and use mysqlbinlog to convert the binary logs to a human-readable format, but it sounds like the general query log would provide a simpler means of getting what I want.

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You can enable logging in the JDBC URL like this:


Other logging backends are available (CommonsLogger, Slf4jLogger, JDK14Logger). I believe direct Log4J logging was dropped at some point due to licencing issues so it might not work with your version of the JDBC driver.

Naturally, you'll need the relevant logging library's JAR in your classpath, and a configuration file ( I would set the root level to TRACE first to see what's happening and tighten it up by log level and category once you see what's being logged.

Further reading:


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Thanks! This is is really when using blackbox/closed source frameworks that don't easily support adding logging arguments –  Ted Pennings Sep 16 '13 at 16:34

If you're using Hibernate, and perform all data access through it, you can turn on logging by setting the property hibernate.show_sql to true. This will write parameterized statements (e.g. SELECT FROM foo WHERE = ?), though. If you need parameter values, or don't use a tool like Hibernate, you might need to have MySQL write this log. See the MySQL documentation on the general query log.

FWIW, the MySQL binary log is a means to a different end; it records changes to the data, and is used for incremental backups and/or replication. SELECT statements aren't recorded in the binary log.

EDIT: I was able to get MySQL to write the general log by adding the following two lines to my.cnf (after confirming neither variable was already set), and restarting MySQL:

general_log = 1
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Eric, I haven't seen a page of official documentation by MySQL that was comprehensible, ever, and I've been using it for 5 years. I can be very specific pointing out ambiguity on that page. Can you show an example query for turning the general query log on? I don't know if I use hibernate, either. If you could tell me how to check that, I could let you know, though. –  Wolfpack'08 Jul 2 '12 at 0:46
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I ended up finding a workaround. I enable MySQL general query logging through Java by modifying MySQL global system variables at runtime with the following SQL queries.

SET GLOBAL log_output="FILE"
SET GLOBAL general_log_file="Path/File"
SET GLOBAL general_log='ON'

I recommend using forward slashes in the general_log_file path. I could not get backslashes to work, even in a Windows environment.

I disable general query logging at runtime with the following SQL query.

SET GLOBAL general_log='OFF'
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