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I'm currently using Spring Source Tools 2.9.1 - but I had the same issue with standard Eclipse J2EE distribution.

I'm writing java web application with jsp views.

To better reuse code I have created some tags - *.tag files in WEB-INF\tags folder

Example of enum.tag file:

<jsp:root version="2.0" 

    <jsp:directive.tag pageEncoding="UTF-8" />

    <jsp:directive.attribute name="value" required="true" rtexprvalue="true" type="Object" />
    <jsp:directive.attribute name="cssClass" required="false" rtexprvalue="true" />

    <span class="enum ${value.cssClass} ${cssClass}"> 
        <span class="message"> 
            <spring:message code="${value.name}" />


If I use this tag in my jsp the tag is reckognized by validator, but the tag attributes are not.

so I get warning for this line of jsp

<tags:enum value="${t.state}" />


Undefined attribute name "value"

tag nemaspace is initialized with:


How to setup eclipse to properly validate tagdir's tags?

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Same behavior occurs with Eclipse Indigo SR2 and JBoss Tools. If the tags are directly in WEB-INF/tags, attributes are recognized, but if they are in a JAR declared with <tag-file> in a TLD, they are not. –  marcus Nov 27 '12 at 14:46

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I use XML version of jsps (and tags) - all teh fiels are valid XML documents, it uses syntax like

<jsp:directive.tag pageEncoding="UTF-8" body-content="scriptless" />

<jsp:directive.attribute name="caption" required="false" rtexprvalue="true" />
<jsp:directive.attribute name="labelInfix" required="false" rtexprvalue="true" />

I now realized and checked that I need to use tagx extension (alongside jspx). With this change Eclispe validation works well.

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It only works with tagx and jspx? I'll try when I have time (lots of refactoring going on here), but I really prefer tag and jsp (the xml syntax is a little too verbose). –  marcus Nov 27 '12 at 20:10
I'm using xml version for both, I was using jspx and tag extesions, now I tested renaming one tag to tagx and it helped - So I can confirm that this is working –  Hurda Nov 27 '12 at 20:13

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