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What languages do your testers use for writing complex testing scripts/simulators?

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At the last place I worked at the testers were using TestComplete from AutomatedQA. If I remember correctly, the application lets you use clones of different languages. To quote the feature list (VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++Script or C#Script.) (Note: it says C++Script, NOT C++). It was encouraged that the testers used C++Script because the language that was predominantly used in the development of the software was C++.

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We use the robot framework which uses keyword driven tests. The keywords themselves can be written in python, java, or just about any other language.1

Here's an example of the syntax:

*** Settings ***
| Library        | Selenium2Library
| Suite Setup    | Open browser | ${HOST} | browser=${BROWSER}
| Suite Teardown | Close all browsers

*** Test Cases ***
| Validate that we can log in
| | Go to the login page
| | Input username "demo"
| | Input password "mode"
| | Click on "submit"
| | The home page should be visible

Note: the above isn't a complete working test suite. It doesn't include the definition for the individual keywords, but they are built using an identical syntax and simply build upon primitive keywords supplied by robot and by the selenium library.

1 Keywords can be composed of other keywords, or written directly in python. Other languages can be used by leveraging the robot remote library interface, opening the possibility to write keywords in just about any language. You also have the option of running robot via jython or iron python, which lets you directly load keywords implemented as java or .net objects, respectively.

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In one shop I was in we used C# simply because it was supported by the VS IDE and it was what we knew. Never ran into a case where it didn't do what we needed. In one case we wrote a function that used a simple Writeline statements to generate C# code for new test cases.

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I've played with Fitnesse with some success. It allows your testers to define tests in a wiki by decalring inputs and expectations, and then declaring a fixture to run against the input. One issue: you may find the initial effort to write the fixtures and train the testers leaves you with less hair than you would like

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The place that I work at uses VBA because the test platform is TestPartner. It does not mesh so well since the code is written in C# and JAVA. But then again the developers and testers do not touch the same code.

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Language depends on the tool. For example in my place QuickTestPro is main tool so VBScritp is the one.
on the other hand it happened for me to use powershell or just C# and it was fine.

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