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When will it be posible to exchange any kind of data via P2P with WebRTC?

I'm thinking about making a P2P bittorrent software, not to stream audio/video.


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There are some JS libraries: PeerJS and BoneValue for P2P data exchanging using WebRTC.

If you want to make a BitTorrent-like JS app for sending files, be aware that there are some already - BtAppJS, ShareFest, ShareIt, RTC-P2P, and P2P-Share.

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Wow those are some great links. WebRTC is going to take over and I'm loving it. Right now I have a huge bittorrent service in production relying on embedded Java but you better believe once WebRTC is fully adopted properly we'll be moving to it. –  xendi Nov 29 '13 at 23:05

This will available in Chrome using the DataChannel: http://webrtc-demos.appspot.com/html/dc1.html

You can see an overview in this talk from Google I/O: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8C8ouiXHHk&t=24m30s

I have not been able to establish a data connection in Chrome 21 or 22 (Canary), next step is to try compiling for myself.

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