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I want to create a group of threads which all have futures (that's why I use packaged_tasks) so I can use values they return. However the following code return an error during compilation:

boost::thread_group group;

for(int i=0; i<4; i++){
    boost::packaged_task<int> task(std::bind(&matchThis,someStr, anotherStr));
    boost::unique_future<int> fi=task.get_future();

    //add task to task-group

This is the error:

c:\boost\boost\thread\detail\thread_group.hpp:42: ERROR: "boost::packaged_task::packaged_task": No access to private member which was declared in the boost::packaged_task-class . with [ R=int] ...

this code worked perfectly when I created a thread like this:

boost::thread thread(boost::move(task));

So what is wrong with using thread_groups instead?

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I assume you're not using C++11 (because I think it would work if you were.)

boost::thread has been "move-enabled" so it can accept the simulated rvalue-references returned by boost::move. boost::thread_group has not been "move-enabled" in the same way, so the argument to create_thread must be copyable, and a packaged_task is not copyable.

I would suggest checking the Boost Trac bug database and if there isn't one already adding a request for create_thread to support moved rvalues.

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