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I am using an image as the background for my site. It has a black/white gradient, and is 1px wide.

The CSS:


which makes it repeat itself. The height of the image is 2000px.

Is it possible to change the height of the image dynamically, so it fits all page sizes: If the height of a page is less than 2000px, the height of the image should be smaller, if the height of the page is bigger, the image should be bigger.

Thanks in advance

I have tried various in-browser gradient techniques, and they dont seem to work the same on all browsers.

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Maybe am not getting the right context of your question, but this can be do it easily with somethin like

#SomeImg.src {
width: 100%;
position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;

Resize this page to see it action: http://css-tricks.com/examples/ImageToBackgroundImage/

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Thanks for your answer. If the height of the image is 2000px, this does not resize the height. height: 100% does not work either :/ – Kenci Jun 5 '12 at 21:47
I changed it to position: fixed and height: 100%, this seems to work fine. I will have to test it on another screen first. – Kenci Jun 5 '12 at 21:51
yes, the code is just an example, but yes, with something like the code you wrote should work fine... cheers! – FelipeDev.- Jun 5 '12 at 21:57

I usually approach this problem in one of two ways.

If you can use CSS3, then use CSS gradients (I always find http://colorzilla.com/gradient-editor/ a good choice to play about with gradients), you can then set this to be 100% height of the window.

If CSS3 isn't an option, i usually just pick a height, say 500px, and make a gradient for that. Then, since gradients typically go from colour A to colour B, just set the underlying background colour to match colour B and the gradient will work similarly on all monitors.

Assuming a gradient going from blue to black:

body {
    /* ensure body always fills viewport */
    min-height: 100%;

    /*gradient fades to black so set underlying BG to black*/
    background: url(/path/to/gradient.gif) repeat-x #000; 
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With CSS3 you can use background-size: cover and there are some other techniques discussed here.

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You could create several images with varying heights and dynamically match the closest image size. If you do this you'd need to tie into the window.resize event to update the image if the user resizes the window.

window.onload = setBackgroundImage;
window.onresize = setBackgroundImage;

function setBackgroundImage() {
    var winH = 500;
    if (document.body && document.body.offsetWidth) {
        winH = document.body.offsetHeight;
    } else if (document.compatMode=='CSS1Compat' && document.documentElement && document.documentElement.offsetWidth ) {
        winH = document.documentElement.offsetHeight;
    } else if (window.innerWidth && window.innerHeight) {
        winH = window.innerHeight;

    if (winH > 400) {
        document.body.style.backgroundImage = "url('../image/gradient800px.png')";
    } else if (winH > 800) {
        document.body.style.backgroundImage = "url('../image/gradient1000px.png')";
    } else if (winH > 1000) {
        document.body.style.backgroundImage = "url('../image/gradient1500px.png')";
    } else if (winH > 1500) {
        document.body.style.backgroundImage = "url('../image/gradient2000px.png')";
    } else {
        document.body.style.backgroundImage = "url('../image/gradient400px.png')";

I don't think the solution is very pretty, but it should work.

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