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How could I increase the verbosity of SimpleTest's HtmlReporter?

It is sometimes convenient to see which tests the application passes, in addition to the ones it fails.

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Ok, well, it seems I needed more coffee in order to succeed at Google ;)

They actually answered my questions in a tutorial, just a badly indexed one.

The gist is that we simply extend a HtmlReporter and define our reporting function. Why didn't they make it an option, it keeps baffling me.


class ShowPasses extends HtmlReporter {

    function paintPass($message) {
        print "<span class=\"pass\">Pass</span>: ";
        $breadcrumb = $this->getTestList();
        print implode("->", $breadcrumb);
        print "->$message<br />\n";

    protected function getCss() {
        return parent::getCss() . ' .pass { color: green; }';
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