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I'm needing to mask an image with an SVG element. I have a very detailed inline SVG element on my page, that I would like to use as a mask for an image that will be loaded. My SVG is drawn with a <path>. I would like to something similar to this example *I do notice that this example does not work in Chrome or IE9 for me though, only FF.

This is my basic structure.

     <svg width="500" height="500">
        <mask id="myMask'>
     <img src="http://myImage.jpg" style="mask:url(#myMask);">

I've tried adding a <mask> tag inside the SVG wrapping the group <g>, that did not work.

This makes my SVG graphic completely transparent though, so I assume it's trying to work, and the SVG is acting as a mask, but the image is not masked at all, just overlays the position. Does the <img> need to be inside of the <svg> or something like that?

Does anyone have SVG experience and would know how to do this? Every example I see uses simple rect or svg graphics to mask, but no paths. Maybe that's why? Thanks

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You can get it to work pretty much everywhere if you put the image inside the svg, like this:

<svg width="220" height="220">
    <mask maskUnits="objectBoundingBox" maskContentUnits="objectBoundingBox" id="m1">
      <linearGradient id="g" gradientUnits="objectBoundingBox" y2="0.5" x2="1" y1="0.5" x1="0">
        <stop stop-color="white" offset="0"/>
        <stop stop-color="white" stop-opacity="0" offset="1"/>
      <rect id="svg_1" height="1" width="1" y="0" x="0" stroke-width="0" fill="url(#g)"/>
<image xlink:href="" width="100%" height="100%" class="target"/>

Here's the updated fiddle showing this:

To answer the question about having paths in a mask, that's just fine and is supported by all svg-capable browsers AFAIK.

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I was trying the <img> tag instead of the SVG <image> one. This simple change makes it work great, thanks for the help! – IamFace Jun 7 '12 at 18:43

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