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On my MVC application I'm using some security features (OAuth) from WebMatrix.
However, I needed some changes, so I've forked the project and added a few features to the WebMatrix.WebData assembly, using the code that is available on CodePlex.

Now that I was trying to use those features on my application I've discovered that the WebMatrix.Security assembly's source code isn't available, so the new features I've added can't be used because they sit behind the WebMatrix.Security (added to my project via this NuGet).

Any ideas on how I can take advantage of the features built in WebMatrix.Security and also be able to customize it to some of my specific needs?
Or can I get the WebMatrix.Security source code?

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As a partial answer, I can say that the source code for WebMatrix.Security is in fact available, but the assembly was renamed to Microsoft.Web.WebPages.OAuth, as pointed by Marcin Dobosz in this discussion.

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