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So I need away to in PHP turn pm / am into 24 hour time, We use Yahoo API to get currency rates, but they seem to give it to us by am/pm.

I thought date might work, but when I read into that function it would had no way to turning pm into 24 hours.

5: 55pm
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This should work

date("H:i", strtotime("5:55 pm"));

and if you want to go the other way,

date("g:i a", strtotime("17:55"));
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If the Yahoo! API really does not provide a way to return the time in 24 hours, you could do as sachleen suggested, or use a regex.

(\d{1,2}): (\d{2})(am|pm)

Then just add 12 to the hours if it's "pm".

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problem with using date and strtotime is you may have to worry about timezone... what you are getting from yahoo may not line up with your server's is a regex method:

$time = preg_replace_callback('~^([^:]+)(.*(a|p)m)$~',create_function('$m','return ($m[3]=="p")?(($m[1]+12).$m[2]):$m[0];'),$time);
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strtotime and date should be safe unless the timezone changes between the call to strtotime and date. – Corbin Jun 5 '12 at 22:55
eh, i guess upon more thinking about it, you're right – Crayon Violent Jun 5 '12 at 22:57

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