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I want to get all the photos of the user who gave permission to the app. Currently, I tried single and batch request of Graph API but it always paginates the results. Is there a seamless way to get all the objects without following pages?

ps: I'm using PHP-SDK so answering in php is the money :)

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Have you tried setting the limit parameter? – CBroe Jun 5 '12 at 23:01
Yes, and no matter how big number you give, it limits to some number less then what you set so it's not reliable, you can't do limit=1000000. I can't see in the documentation but via Graph API Explorer, you can verify. Related post is here:… – user862530 Jun 6 '12 at 19:57

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I found out that giving limit=0 is solving the problem. It still generates paging object but they return empty data set. So, limit=0 returns the whole dataset in one shot.

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